How to earn more money on Google Adsense with fewer clicks

earn more money using google adsense

earn more money using google adsense

See how with fewer clicks with Adsense.

Google adsense is one of the easiest and best ways to online by monetizing your website or blog and it has easy approval if you define the purpose of your website or blog well.

We shall talk about how to get approved into google adsense program as a publisher in our next post, So on this post we will be looking at one thing which is ” keyword ” Looking at where the money is and how you can make it.

Here is a simple fact about how to on adsense which i just discovered experimenting. I will like to go straight to the point , Keep it short , Simple and straight to the fact.

This secret is based on high paying keywords that have the ability to earn more money , How to research, get and reap more money from google adsense .

Try not to bother with keywords that pay a few cents and those that have a low CPM. Ideally, I would recommend grabbing keywords with a CPC higher than $2.50.

This should be the most important part of your mission. You would never want a page that earns one dollar from five to 10 clicks. Rather you want a page that pulls an impressive four to five dollars out of just two ad clicks, or maybe even $40 dollars out of just eight clicks!

If you don’t concentrate on your keywords, even if you have a lot of traffic you will be wasting it and not earning a substantial amount. Imagine this as handing out money to your own competition! By targeting the right keywords you can make a lot more with a lot less traffic.

Try this simple secret, Keywords research is the way to making substantial amount of money on adsense alongside quality content that drives  traffic .


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