What is Google Local Services Ads?


Ads (LSAs) appear at the very top of Google’s search results, designed primarily for service-based local businesses like plumbers, electricians, and more. They operate on a pay-per-lead model, meaning you only pay when someone contacts your business directly through the ad.

Local Services Ads

To run LSAs, your business must be located in one of the supported countries and fall within specific service categories, which may vary by location. You’ll need to pass Google’s screening processes, which may involve:

  • Sharing details about your business license
  • Providing proof of insurance
  • Submitting to a background check

LSAs display various business details like:

  • Company name
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • City
  • Phone number
  • Operating hours

Review ratings, response rates, and proximity to the searcher directly influence rankings.

Unlike traditional PPC ads, LSAs don’t require keyword bidding. Google handles this aspect, ensuring your ad appears for appropriate search queries based on current data and reviews.

Managing these ads involves reviewing and responding to leads promptly to maintain high responsiveness. You can set your weekly budget and know expected costs per lead in advance. If you receive an invalid lead, you can dispute it, and Google may credit your account if the dispute is valid.

The Google Guarantee badge that LSAs offer signals to potential customers that Google has vetted your business, adding an extra layer of trust.

Benefits of Google

LSAs offer several key benefits for local businesses:

  1. Increased visibility: LSAs appear at the top of search results, drawing immediate attention to your business.
  2. Pay-per-lead model: You only pay when a potential customer contacts you, ensuring your budget is spent on genuine leads.
  3. Targeted ad displays: Focus on specific geographic locations and services, reaching the right audience at the right time.
  4. Cost-per-lead transparency: See the estimated cost of each lead upfront, making budget planning easier.
  5. Google Guarantee badge: This adds credibility to your business, showing customers that your services are vetted by Google.

These features can significantly boost your online presence and ensure your marketing budget is spent efficiently. Whether you run a plumbing service, HVAC business, or local landscaping company, LSAs can help you connect with potential customers when they’re actively searching for your services.

“Google Local Services Ads have revolutionized how local businesses connect with their customers, providing a cost-effective and targeted approach to digital marketing.”

Setting Up and Managing Google Local Services Ads

Setting up and managing Google Local Services Ads involves several key steps:

  1. Create your profile: Sign in to the Google Local Services Ads page and provide your business details.
  2. Verify your business: Submit required documents like business licenses and insurance proofs.
  3. Set your budget: Decide on a weekly budget based on Google’s estimated cost per lead for your industry and location.
  4. Manage leads: Respond promptly to leads that come through calls or message requests. Mark completed jobs and follow up on potential appointments.
  5. Optimize your ad performance: Fine-tune your business profile with relevant highlights and high-quality images.
  6. Manage reviews: Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews and respond professionally to all feedback.
  7. Maintain the Google Guarantee badge: Ensure you comply with all requirements to keep this trust-enhancing feature.

By staying engaged and proactive in these areas, you can maximize your LSA presence and efficiency, ultimately boosting your bottom line.

Extending Reach with Google Maps Integration

Integrating Google Local Services Ads with Google Maps can significantly boost your business’s visibility. This feature allows your business to appear when users search for services while exploring the area around them.

To set this up, ensure your Google My Business account is connected to your LSA profile. The integration is usually seamless if you’re already running LSAs, with Google automatically displaying your ads on Maps using your existing LSA profile data.

Key metrics to monitor for your Google Maps integrated LSAs include:

  • Clicks for Directions
  • Phone Calls
  • Website Clicks
  • Photo Views
  • Customer Actions on Map Listings
  • User Reviews and Ratings

By staying on top of these metrics and continuously optimizing your profile, you can ensure that your investment in Google LSAs and their integration with Google Maps yields tangible results that benefit your business.

Google Local Services Ads offer an effective way for local businesses to connect with potential customers right when they need your services. By focusing on quality leads, enhancing visibility, and building trust through the Google Guarantee badge, LSAs provide a strategic approach to digital marketing that can significantly boost your business’s online presence and conversion rates.

Recent studies have shown that businesses using Local Services Ads experience an average increase of 5-10% in their customer acquisition rates1. This demonstrates the powerful impact that LSAs can have on local business growth and success in the digital age.

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